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Natural vs synthetic

Wigs can be made either of natural human hair, or of synthetic materials. All our bespoke wigs are made from fine quality European or Asian hair.  


When comparing a high quality synthetic wig, there is not a lot of difference in the look and feel of the hair. The main differences are in cost and maintenance, so we would advise that you choose the type that is right for your needs.


Synthetic wigs are cheaper, they hold their style regardless of the weather, and they don't fade over time. But they don't last as long as wigs made of natural hair, and don't have as much flexibility in styling. 

Natural human hair wigs are more expensive and might come in fewer colour options, but they can be cut, styled, and dyed just like your own hair. The drawback is that they'll also need more maintenance, will react to weather, and might need restyling or re-dying over time.


Also consider how long you expect to keep the wig, and whether you would rather have a single wig that lasts a long time, or whether you'd like to change up your look more often with two or more wigs.